Best Coil Springs for Jeeps

As you drive your car, the up and down motion can be highly disruptive to your driving experience. But fortunately, for absorbing much of this motion and keeping ride as smooth as possible, modern automobiles are outfitted with best coil springs.

What is coil spring?

Coil springs are mechanical devices which are used to store energy and subsequently release it. A coil spring is also known as helical spring. They absorb shock and maintain a force between contacting surfaces. A coil spring is made of an elastic material formed into the shape of a helix.

They look basically like the coiled springs and it is found most often cars and truck on the front suspension between the upper and lower control arms.

Types of Coil Spring:

  • Tension coil springs: Tension coil spring, also known as extension coil springs which are designed to resist stretching. It has a hook form at each end for attachment.
  • Compression coil springs: Compression coil springs, which are designed to resist being compressed. Volute springs are used as heavy load compression springs and when it compressed, the trip is stiffer edge-on than a wire coil.
  • Torsion Springs: Torsion coil springs are designed to resist twisting actions and often associated to clothes pegs or up-and-over garage doors.
  • Cylindrical coil springs: A cylindrical coil springs consists of end coils and it can be designed to provide a linear rate, to give a progressive spring rate by varying the pitch.
    =>  Automatically handled easily during production
    =>  In the axial direction, be bent in shape
  • Conical Coil springs: In a suspension system when there is a limited space for the coil springs, the conical springs are chosen. They have mostly open ends and sometimes pig tail end.
  • Mini-block coil springs: A mini-block coil springs design have coil diameters adjusted. For this type of design solution can reduce the bloc length close to two times the material diameter.

ACDelco 45H1108 Professional Front Coil Spring Set

ACDleco professional front spring set is a special cylindrical spiral shaped springs and are the high quality replacement ideal for many vehicles on the road today. It work with your vehicle suspension system to absorb the vertical motion of the wheels for including variable rate rear and constant front coil.

ACDelco Professional Front Coil Springs Set


  • Front and rear applications available
  • Premium, high-quality aftermarket component
  • Perfect fit and ride for an old 92 Cherokee

RTZ – Ford F150 Pickup 3″ Front Lift Coil Springs 2wd V8 Motor

RTZ front coil springs will left your 2wd pickup 3” on the front while maintain the handling and ride quality of sport suspention.

These coils are heat set to prevent spring fatigue, load tested for proper load specification & sport spring rate, and are made of High Tensile Alloy Steel. All these stages of refinement are implemented at our facility in the USA. They are powder-coated to prevent rusting. Drop them in and Drive!!

RTZ Front Lift Coil Springs


  • Life-Time Warranty
  • Heat Set & Shot Peened to Prevent Spring Fatigue
  • Load Tested for Proper “Sport” Spring Rate which is 15% higher than OEM
  • Parts are Powder-coated to Prevent Corrosion. Improve the look of your pickup and increase ground clearance
  • Fits 1997-2003 Ford F150 Pickup 2wd V8 Includes: Pair of 3″ Lift coils. Check our other auctions for V6 models

Moog 80974 Coil Spring Set

Moog coil spring is a proven problem solver products. It is the preferred steering and suspension brand of professional technicians and NASCAR Crew Chiefs.

moog coil spring set


  • Powder-coated to protect against corrosion
  • Designed to lower stresses for longer service life
  • All coil springs are 100% load tested
  • Worn or sagging coil springs can cause premature tire wear due to vehicle misalignment

Rubicon Express RE1310 4.5″ Coil Spring for Jeep XJ – Pair

Rubicon express coil springs are designed to provide the best in ride quality with sacrificing durability and load capacity. All coils are made using the most advanced process in the industry.

rubicon coil springs

Technical Details

  • Brand Rubicon Express
  • Item Weight 28 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 24 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight 28.1 pounds

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